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Benefits for Freight Forwarders

benefit imageAccess to a global marketplace
benefit imageReal time search for capacity and rates
benefit imageMultiple spot rate requests through one enquiry
benefit imageInstant Booking with automated AWB allocation
benefit imageSimple user experience and App
benefit imageExtensive customer support and training

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Who said air cargo booking couldn’t be done easily?

Even though sea transportation is more affordable than air freight, the latter is the only choice when you need cargo to be delivered ASAP. But the booking process can be intimidating and time-consuming. Well, it used to be. With CargoBooking, quote comparison and air cargo bookings will never be difficult again.

We have developed an advanced solution to help shippers and freight forwarders manage shipments quotes and bookings more easily and in one place. The CargoBooking platform allows you to request air cargo quotes from leading carriers, compare spot rates, book the AWB, and track everything until your goods arrive. It’s one tool for all your shipment needs.

Why choose CargoBooking for air freight quotes and booking?

If you’re somehow involved in the air freight industry, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to register with us to benefit from:

  • All-in-one platform. Whatever you need to get transported, be it electronics or pharmaceuticals, you can now create your air shipping quote in a few clicks. Specify the details of your cargo, review flights with pricing options, request SPOT rate and book the option that best meets your needs.
  • Extensive coverage. As air freight costs vary from carrier to carrier, comparing them is crucial. As of now, over 80 airlines are connected to our platform, but we’re not going to stop there. The more carriers join us, the more substantial savings are ahead for you.
  • Real-time insights. CargoBooking empowers you to stay aware of market shifts as they occur. You get access to live inventory, allowing you to compare air freight rates online to find your best deal for the desired destination and cargo type.
  • API integration. If you’re a freight forwarder who uses your company’s own software and databases, our tool will be an excellent addition to them. It’s a breeze to integrate it into existing systems for flawless operation, quotes creation and task automation.
  • Easy-to-use platform and app. Getting the hang of the CargoBooking platform is not rocket science. It’s designed to simplify all the processes for you – from quoting to cargo booking and tracking. Plus, you can download it as an app for any iOS or Android device.

A closer glimpse into air cargo quotes

Air Cargo charges can be confusing. You want to know what you’re paying for. To help you better understand what those quotes include, CargoBooking lists all the surcharges that make up the total price along with the chargeable cargo weight. Thus, you can compare not only air freight costs per kg but also:

  • fuel and security surcharges
  • freight handling fees
  • AWB fees
  • additional costs

By getting the bigger picture, freight forwarders and shipping companies can make better-informed decisions. Knowing what’s included in the total price enables you to plan your shipments with the carrier of your choice more rationally.

Join CargoBooking for instant quotes and bookings on the latest rates offered by globally operating air carriers. It’s the best solution to facilitate your booking processes!