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Our Airline and GSA partnerships are critical to ensuring that CargoBooking is able to help you meet the demands of your Freight Forwarder customers. Our job is to facilitate this relationship and create a user experience that makes doing business with you as simple as possible and that your valuable capacity is visible to as large a market as possible bringing you more customers and more business. No airline is too large or too small to connect with CargoBooking or benefit from it.
  • Access to a global network of customers, both existing and new
  • Improve your Time To Market (TTM)
  • Instant responses to your customers will increase conversion of opportunities
  • Convert inbound email quotation requests with a simple click of a button through our email parser tool
  • Reduced workload for your sales teams and automation removes manual errors
  • Distribute all your rates to all your customers in one place and retain full control in a secure environment
  • Ability to negotiate better rates through real time pricing and capacity management
  • Connectivity for all, Plug & Play - from manual rate sheets to legacy systems connecting via API - everyone can join

If you are interested in joining the CargoBooking community then please contact us using the link below.

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